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MAPS 23/05 to 30/05


To start assembling the puzzle, we initially collected data from the Maranhão State Health Department and with the help of the cartographic bases of IBGE and Funai, in partnership with the Cartography Novo Olhar Group, we set up the first map (Cases COVID-19 by Notification Municipality, 05/23/2020). It is possible to visualize the municipalities that affect indigenous lands and territories and observe by color the proportion of notified cases of the new coronavirus in each of these municipalities. On May 23, there were 21,191 confirmed cases and 754 deaths from a universe of 207 municipalities. With the clipping of the presence of indigenous populations in the State, we defined, a priori, the reading of 29 municipalities. On May 31, we made the first update of this map with the new data from the epidemiological bulletins of the State and municipalities of interest, making it possible to observe the notable growth in the number of cases across the region as shown on the map of May 30, 2020.

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